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New Watertightness Tester WSP 3600V4

We are very proud to introduce our new Watertightness Tester WSP 3600V4.
The instrument is now equipend with a 3,5" touch screen and complete new sensor system.
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Techtextil Frankfurt 09.-12.05.2017

This year we show our GINTRONIC GraviTest on the booth of Porotec GmbH in Hall 3.0 booth F22.
New Rhopoint Novo-Haze Transmission Hazemeter

The Novo-Haze TX Transmission Hazemeter offers fast and accurate measurement of the optical quality of plastic films and other transparent materials.
This instrument measures total transmission and haze according to ASTM D1003 (CIE C), the most important standard used in most QA applications.
Manufactured in direct response to industry requirements, the Novo-Haze TX is offered at huge savings compared to other instruments which contain additional superfluous test methods.
The instrument features an intuitive user friendly interface which minimises the test time and makes it an ideal choice for both QC and R&D.
Uncompromising design, high quality materials and European manufacture make the Novo-Haze TX the ideal choice for any laboratory or QA environment.
At 50% of the price of the market leader for only measuring to this standard (ASTM D1003, CIE C), the Rhopoint Novo-Haze TX represents huge savings without compromising measurement accuracy.

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This new instrument features an ultra-lightweight measuring head for measuring gloss at 60°. The small footprint area of the measuring head and the integrated measurement buttons make the Novo-Gloss Flex 60 ideal for measuring smaller surface areas and surfaces with curvature. Unique to the Novo-Gloss Flex 60 is the measurement scale of GUh which provides improved resolution for low gloss finishes.
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Authorised Calibration Agent für Rhopoint Instruments Ltd

We are proud to inform you, that MRS Seitter GmbH is now Authorised Calibration Agent für Rhopoint Instruments Ltd. We provide calibrations and repairs for Rhopoint Instruments for the region Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Please do not hesitate to ask for your individual quote.
Innovations in Food Packaging, Shell Life and Food Safety

MRS Seitter GmbH shows its packaging testing instruments during the
Innovations in Food Packaging, Shell Life and Food Safety conference from 15.-17.09.2015 in the Stadthalle of Erding.

More informations you will find here:
Techtextil 2015 Frankfurt

Visit us at Techtextil in Frankfurt/Germany from 04.-07. May 2015. On booth D16 in Hall 3.0 we show you the new developed WTVR tester GINTRONIC GraviTest 6250 and the brand new Hanatek friction tester CFT.
We are looking forward meeting you.
Some would call it a REVOLUTION - we call it GraviTest 6250

The new Automatic Gravimetric WVTR Tester GINTRONIC GraviTest 6250 comes
with a 0.01mg balance as a standard feature. The 0.01 mg balance makes WVTR
measurements of low perm materials 2-3 times faster than the previous
generation systems. The maximum load of the new 0.01mg balance is an
enormous 250g. This extremely wide measuring range allows for the coverage
of all of the existing applications in WVTR measurement. This includes wet
cup, inverted cup, and dry cup, measurements with or without wax or
mechanical sealing.

The GraviTest 6250-50 can accommodate samples as thick as 50mm.
GraviTest 6250 and 6250-50 fully comply withEN ISO 12572, EN 1931, ASTM E96, ISO 2528 and
many other Test Methods.
Techtextil 2013 Frankfurt

Visit us at Techtextil in Frankfurt/Germany from 11.-13. June 2013. On booth D16 in Hall 3.0 we show you the new developed state of the art MTVR tester GINTRONIC IDC-6. Also we will show you the GINTRONIC GraviTest, Hanatek friction tester AFT and Hanatek thickness gauge FT-3.
We are looking forward meeting you.

GINTRONIC AG has released it´s newest instrument:
The GINTRONIC IDC-6 is a state of the art tester which conforms to JIS L1099 B1 + B2 and ISO 15496.
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NEW: Hanatek Melt Flow Indexer MFI

Hanatek releases it`s complete new developed Melt Flow Indexer. The instrument comes up with a Tri-Zone Barrel Control for ultra-precise control of temperature across the whole barrel length and many other keyfeatures.
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NEU: Extrasolution O2 - Gaslogger

O2,T & RH GasLogger Minidatalogger wireless that measures, records and transmits O2 concentration, T and RH.
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Techtextil 2011 Frankfurt

Visit us on Techtextil in Frankfurt from 24.-26.05.2011 in hall 3.0, booth D16.
New Precision Thickness Gauge Hanatek FT-3

The new Hanatek FT3 Precision Thickness Gauge is specifically designed to quickly and accurately measure the thickness of a variety of substrates including film, paper, board, foil, tissue and textiles.
This precision Thickness gauge comes up with a userfriendly design, a resolution of 0,1 µm and with an accuracy of 0,4 µm.
More informations:
Techtextil Frankfurt 2009 16.-18.06.2009

Visit us at Techtextil in Frankfurt/Germany from 16.-18.06.2009. On booth D26 in hall 3.0. MRS Seitter GmbH will show the GINTRONIC Water Vapour Transmission Rate Testers GraviTest and EasyPerm 650. Also the new Hanatek Frictiontester AFT and the Watertighnesstester WSP 3600 will be presented.
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Seminar SKZ Würzburg "CE - Conformity of building layers"

Our managing director Ralf Seitter will refer the 20.11.2008 on the seminar "CE - Conformity of building layers" at SKZ Würzburg about Water Vapour Permeability, Watertightness and SD-Value. The seminar will be held in German language. More informations you will find here:
NEW Water Vapour Transmission Rate Tester Gintronic Easyperm 650

The brandnew Gintronic Easyperm 650 is an economical and easy to use Water Vapour Permeability Tester using Dynamic Relative Humidity Measurement. The complete automatisation of the measuring process prevents any influence of the user to the result. Gintronic Easyperm 650 is perfect for process and quality control.
More information:
Index 08 - Geneva

Visit us at Index 08 in Geneva/Switzerland from 15.-18.04.2008. On booth 4327 Gintronic AG will show our Water Vapour Transmission Rate Testers Gintronic GraviTest Model 6300 and Easyperm 650.
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Techtextil Frankfurt

Visit us at Techtextil from 12-14.06.2007 in Frankfurt in hall 3.0 booth C21.
We will show our gravimetric Water Vapour Transmission Rate Tester Gintronic GraviTest Model 6300 and our Watertightnesstester WSP 3600.
For more informations:
ICE 2007 Munich

Visit us at ICE 2007 exhibition from 27.-29.03.2007 M,O,C, Munich in hall 2, stand Q03.
New Homepage online

Homepage of MRS Seitter GmbH now also in English online. We have added a lot of new products for giving our customers even more possibilities and choise. Enjoy your visit and please do not hesitate giving us a feedback.