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Application Lab
Application Lab:

Our internal application lab gives us the possiblity to answer quickly on customer-inquire. The lab enables us to test customer samples, to solve measuring problems, to develop special customer applications and to do measurement jobs. If we can not fullfill a special request, we are in constant contact with our suppliers and accredited labs in Germany.


Gravimetric WVTR Tester GINTRONIC GraviTest 6250
Gravimetric WVTR Tester GINTRONIC GraviTest 6300
Gravimetric WVTR Tester GINTRONIC GraviTest 6400
WVTR Tester GINTRONIC EasyPerm 650
Rhopoint Optimap 2
Rhopoint IG 20/60/85 Goniophotometer
Hanatek Precision Thickness Gauge FT3-V (ISO 534 und Tappi T411)
Balance Precisa XB 320M
Analog Thickness Tester