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Hanatek Precision Thickness Gauge FT-3

The Hanatek FT-3 substrate thickness gauge is designed for the sampling and verification of the thickness of packaging, textiles, paper, plastics, tiessue, building materials.
Contact pressure and contact area are factory set options dependent on the testing standard used.
The instrument has an easy to use integrated touch screen / software, which allows the user to programm the number of readings required and the full testing statistics can be easily viewed or printed (printer optional) to label for easy documentation control.

Hanatek FT-3 Film Thickness Gauge provides accurate and hands free sample measurement in metric or imperial units. It includes auto-calibration with zero set point for fast set up and calibration.


Controlling film thickness during manufacture minimises the use of raw materials whilst assuring products meet customer specifications.

Standards - Film: BS 2782-6, DIN 53370, ISO 4593, ASTM D6988
Standards - Paper/Board (optional):
EN 20534, ISO 534:2005, DIN 53105, TAPPI T411, SCAN P7, FEFCO No.3, ISO 3034, SCAN P31, BS 4817
Standards - Tissue: EN 12625-3:2005, SCAN P 47, BS 7387
Standards - Textile: ISO 5084

MRS Seitter GmbH - Hanatek Precision Thickness Gauge FT-3
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Technical Data:

Contact Area: Choice of measurement heads, 3mm ball, 6-50mm flat or domed measurement heads
Contact Pressure: 0.5kPa to >185kPa
Measurement Mass: 50g 4kg (depending on measurement head used)

User Variable Parameters:
Head Speed 1-5mm/sec
Dwell Time 0-10 sec

Resolution: 0.1 m
Accuracy: 0.4 m
Range:0-4 mm

External Printer with Time & date stamped labels allow thickness variation to be documented throughout a production run.
Automatic Sample Feeder.
Variable Contact Pressure Attachment.
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