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Hanatek Friction Tester AFT

The Hanatek Advanced Friction tester is the most comprehensive tool available for measuring the coefficient of friction of plastic film, printed cartons, packaging substrates or paper. This flexible instrument can also be used to measure and display the frictional values of any flat surface including rubber, flooring plastics textile and leather.
In addition to providing static and dynamic slip values for a surface, the instrument allows the full friction force output to be displayed, stored and compared. This unique ability helps a manufacturer to relate the feeding and running speeds of a product to its surface characterisitcs.

The instrument is availabe with optional extras to measure peel strength of adhesives, tear strength of substrates and the blocking of plastic films and coated cartons.


Printed cartons
Flexible packaging
Printing, Rubber
Linoleum, Leather, Paper
Foils, Coatings, Plastics
Textiles, Composites

ISO 8295
ISO 15359
ASTM D1894
ASTM D4521
ASTM D3330
FINAT 1,2,3,9
ISO 6383

MRS Seitter GmbH - Hanatek Friction Tester AFT
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Technical Data:

Tests both static & dynamic friction of a variety of substrates Touch screen operation for quick, easy operation Automated sled lowering to
comply with latest friction standards Profile graph displayed in real time, static & dynamic COF figures given at the end of the test Print results to PDF User selectable test speed, distance and dwell time Choice of sled weights Pre loaded with ASTM/TAPPI/ISO methods with the ability to create bespoke tests

Friction testing instrument 16 touch screen Windows 7 PC, friction testing software and connection cables 200g film sled Calibration check
weight Sample template Sample securing magnets UKAS traceable calibration certificate.
Optional extras possible

Subject to modifications in the interest of technical progress.
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