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About us
• Permeation
• Rhopoint Optimap
• Rhopoint IQ DOI (Orange Peel) Gloss & Haze
• Rhopoint Gloss- and Hazemeter
• Transmission Hazemeter
• Rhopoint Novo-Curve
• Opacity & Shade & Cleanliness
• Rhopoint MFFT
• Rhopoint Paintlab
• Rhopoint Viscometer + Viscomixer
• Watertightness
• Thickness
• Friction
• Crease and Board Stiffness
• Meltflowindex
• Film Shrinkage
• Rub Test
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• Gintronic AG
• Rhopoint
• Hanatek Ltd
• MRS Seitter GmbH
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As successor of the engineer's office Erich Seitter we have been distributor and service base for measuring and testing instruments for more than 40 years.

Our field of activities covers consultation, sales and technical support up to the development of special applications for our customers.

As an exempt private company the personal contact to our customers is very important for us. The customer satisfaction is our main target.

We distribute test systems for permeation, packaging, paper, plastic, textile and appearance testing and instruments for the paint lab.

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